Repairing Your Credit: Can Someone Else Do It For Me?

So, you’ve applied for credit or looked at your credit report by running the free one you get annually from and now you’re ready to get to fixin’ it! Where do you start? How do you start? We offer a number of tools and techniques on our website to help you do just that. Nevertheless, some of you may be interested to know that there are reputable, effective organizations that make it their mission to walk along side people with bad credit and help them rebuild it.

Some businesses offer to consolidate bad debts or loans into a manageable, lump payment process; while others may assist in handling creditors by working as an intermediary for you. Yet and still there are other businesses that do it all. If that is a solution you are looking for there are a number of businesses you can find by doing a simple search on Google or by looking through the local yellow pages.

What this should tell you is that there are specialist versed in the your local laws and the national laws that can help you repair and rebuild your credit. If you don’t want to go it alone, Consult a credit repair expert.

You can also turn to one of these bigger agencies or starting points for help:

Rebuilding Your Credit with Credit Cards

Rebuild Your Credit: Let Specialist Help You Get To Where You Want To Be!

  • Your State’s Attorneys General Office – They will have great resources and information of qualified credit specialists. (
  • National Credit Fixers – This private organization uses experienced financial technicians and their understanding of the law, especially the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to assist individuals in stopping bill collections and improving credit scores using many of the tactics contained on our site.
  • Credit Assistance Network – The CAN is based in West Palm Beach, Florida but maintains a network of financial technicians that specialize in reviewing credit reports, talking with collections agencies and understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act inside and out. Leveraging the law in your favor they offer services that you can use to really repair your credit situation. Consult a credit repair expert.

Have you used a service? Do you have a technique or tactic that you think may help others? Share it below, if it’s great we’ll share it on it’s own page!

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