WalletHub’s 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Wallet Wellness

Recently, we received an email from WalletHub about the best and worst cities for wallet health and thought to share it with our audience. With the biggest shopping events of the year fast approaching and only two in five American adults keeping track of their spending, WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2015’s Best & […]

Worst Credit Cards of 2015 (according to CardHub)

Trick or Treat? Halloween is full of fun and fright for adults and kids alike. We all love a good scare, but when we think about finances, we are all a little more bad scared than good scared. In the spirit of Halloween, the experts at CardHub compared over 1,000 credit cards to determine the […]

4 Steps After You’re Denied Credit

So you’ve applied for credit or a loan and been denied. What happens next? What are you suppose to do? If you are like most, you may ignore the denial letters you receive or close down the browser window telling you the unfortunate news. However, that’s your first step: acceptance. Understand that you may have […]

3 Tips When it Comes to Holiday Credit Card Offers

Each year, credit card agencies, retailers and even a few local businesses offer discounted rates on purchases in anticipation of holiday spending. 2014 Christmas shopping season is already underway. At our local Cracker Barrel we have gone straight from Independence Day and summer themed decor to Christmas toys and attire. Christmas is 3 month away, slow your […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting Approved

For some, credit is an afterthought; credit comes naturally and in large amounts. Others, ummm, not so much. Maybe you went through a divorce.  Maybe your parents or family contributed to you not-so-high credit score. Or maybe you had good credit but over-extended yourself. No matter how you got there, your situation is real and […]

Current APRs for Fixed and Variable Rates

Bank Rate gathered the latest numbers on annual percentage rate (APR) for fixed and variable credit. Currently, fixed APR in August going into September is 13.02% and variable-rate credit cards is at 15.61%. Great! What does all that mean?! You may have said. Well, these rates are the average rates that determine the cost of […]

Using Entrepreneurial Status to Fill in Employment Gaps

Employment is important when applying for, maintaining, or improving your credit. When attempting to apply for a job or prepare a resume, have you ever had extended gaps of unemployment? Take a page out of the white-collar manual, turn to your entrepreneurial spirit! There are a number of ways that self employment can improve your […]

BitCoin: What The Heck Is It?!

Whatever it is, the US government seized nearly $3 million dollars worth of it from Mutum Sigillum, LLC which operates as a subsidiary of Mount Gox, a BitCoin exchange according to Coin Desk. In a second seizure, the US government shut down a website named the Silk Road. The website offered illegal drugs, money laundering, […]

Managing Business Credit Cards, The IRS Way

Businesses are just as liable for spending habits and managing finances as homeowners and individuals. Over the year, along with political turmoil and healthcare woes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) experienced a lack of financial responsibility. In late June, it came to light that through 2010 and 2011, IRS employees amassed $108 million in credit […]

Credit Card Debt Counseling – The Process and Its Importance

If you’re amongst one of the millions for whom credit card debt is nothing short of a nightmare, then you’ve got to understand the fact that this isn’t something unnatural. Credit card debt when out of control can be brought under control again if you know how to do it. Now one of the first […]