Repairing Your Credit: Can Someone Else Do It For Me?

So, you’ve applied for credit or looked at your credit report by running the free one you get annually from and now you’re ready to get to fixin’ it! Where do you start? How do you start? We offer a number of tools and techniques on our website to help you do just that. […]

3 Myths About Credit Cards: Why You Should Buy With Credit Not Cash

We all know that person or have that family member that believes using cash or hiding it under the mattress is the key to staying financially safe during turbulent times or to protect one’s self from ‘credit crunches.’ However, the myths of credit cards are often conveyed as facts. In our minds we can rationalize […]

Reward Cards and Unknown Credit Card Deals

There are those credit card companies we are all familiar with. With that simple statement you have already imagined their names, their logos, and for some of you – you have their slogans memorized. Obviously I am referring to the big four: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express (in no particular order). However, there […]

Credit Cards and Debit Cards are replacing Cash

It is something that we have all believed but never confirmed; that credit and debit cards would someday replace cash as our primary means of paying for transactions. Well, David Morrison with Credit Union Times is reporting just that! In his online article, David points to research done by the research firm Javelin Strategy and […]

Staying Put: Credit Card Interest Rates Holding Steady

According to the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, credit card interest rates are staying at a rate of 14.93%. The credit card article on Fox News states that this rate was up in weeks past but seems to be stagnant at this rate. In 22 weeks, the interest rate has only fluctuated – slightly, […]