Building a Solid Budget

Any good financial advisor, credit councilor, or friend will tell you good money habits start with a solid budget. Now no budget is going to ‘rock’ solid, think of the budget as a road map for success. It serves as guard rails for your spending – just like guard rails, you can adhere to them or smash through them. It should be stated, we don’t advice smashing through guard rails, in any form.

In your budget you should include accurate information about your bills, income, utilities, savings, and other important financial data. To help you prepare a thorough budget, view this sample Budget Worksheet [also below]. Of course, let this serve a  starting point for you. Once you feel comfortable putting your financial lifestyle on paper (or in an spreadsheet) feel free to customize your budget to make it truly, yours!

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Kevin works as a independent consultant, helping people improve their financial situations. The author has a BS and Masters along with years of experience with credit cards, techniques for improving individual credit and life.

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